Teaching rationale

Huangkuang University is an educational center, holding the belief that “the nature of people’s goodness” can be upgraded with education.

The values deviation caused by the utilitarianism of contemporary society, coupled with the overemphasis on professional technology, has led to a decline in the value of life and

social care. Through the efforts of all the staff at Hungkuang University, the essence of the students can be sublimated, regardless of the students’ original nature quality or

life experience. Our hope is that through four-year education, Huangkuang students can be shaped as individuals who are full of promise.

Therefore, helping students to become “people oriented are to enhance their overall quality of life and to facilitate development in their personalities and spirit.

As a medical or social service professional center, we realize that the “essence” of a person is not how much they manifest certain ideologies; instead it is the degree of sharing and

caring for others (the meaning of service altruism).

Based on the “people-oriented” personality growth (connotation), its outward role can be broadly labeled as “care for life” (external). This is the reason why the principle of

“begin from oneself, extend benevolence to all” has long adhered to as the unchanging educational vision.

The Goal of Humanistic Spirits

Hungkuang University continuously implements and makes efforts to educate our students and carries out our university’s philosophy “begin from oneself, extend benevolence to

all” Although students are trained in the vocation education system, they have a profound character connotation in the future. “Humanistic spirit” is reckoned as the core course of

general education in Hungkuang University. There are several guidelines to be worked on in the future.

  1. Internalization of value:
We asked the university’s colleagues to help with the campus affairs to strengthen the concept of service altruism.
  1. Extend the value of internalization to altruistic actions:
Mature personality can eventually be extended to the explicit goal of “serving altruism”
  1. Through experience and practice, integrate knowledge into life and become students life wisdom:
The above briefly explains Hungkuang University’s spirit of establishing a school, its core values, and the relevance of service learning. Basically, Hungkuang University’s educational philosophy believes that we are not only focusing on the quality of teaching, but also on educating students. The basic difference between the two is that the latter passes on lofty

ideas to students and expects their lives to change.