The Course & Training providing by the Humanistic and education Section should be briefly described as follows:

According to course design of “human spirit”, students are expected to be cultivated the virtues of life care and fostering the good deeds practice in everyday life.  All the themes of

training projects include four dimensions: (Part 1) cherish the lives, self-esteem and self-development, (Part 2) environment and ecology care and concerning vulnerable

groups around.

In part 1 (freshman level) —

With life-oriented intension, we try to remind students the value of any kind of lives then make them enhance the value of their own lives in the same time.

In part 2 (sophomore level)–

The instruction is expanded to a larger scale issues, like to understand and care about problem in community and the environmental issue. We always try to remind students to

expand their vision or horizon of issue-concerning.