As Hungkuang University lived in the traditional health care professionals and caring nature of life, the mission also means the humanistic section dedicates to provide achievement for value-of-life development. Mission of the Humanistic section is to develop reasonable teaching methodology that cultivating the student’s character via the actual social practice and social action. The following goals indicate the concrete connotation of mission. 

  1. In charge of the balance between scientific disciplines and humanity accomplishment, the section is engaged to moral education tutorial.
  2. Students are trained to equip with the skill of social-being well. The social-being ability is defined to be the primary educational factor comparing with technique training.
  3. Students are trained to concern the issues including respecting any form of life mutual respect to each other, developing good personality, becoming warm-hearted, passion in ecology and environment care, and Sincerely appreciating virtue of others.

The section Responsibilities are as follows:

  1. To define the dedicated content of “human spirit” of the School;
  2. Supporting R&D of “human spirit” curriculum materials and information, to promote the accessible tutorial activities;
  3. To Encourage and train teachers to fulfill successful teaching activities.

By the way, continuous to improve the teaching methodology and teaching materials adjusted to any school curriculum is also our important task.